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The BHL GoTo page enables direct access to the texts in Acta Sanctorum via corresponding BHL (Bibliotheca Hagiographica Latina) number references. All documents listed in BHL as appearing in full (or in large part) in Acta Sanctorum have BHL GoTo links. Those documents listed in BHL as having only excerpts in Acta Sanctorum have also been included and have BHL GoTo links, with the exception of those excerpts which were so small that they consisted only of a few sentences. Those excerpts which have been linked with their BHL number usually occur in the Bollandists' own editorial material and although they can be accessed in the usual way from the BHL GoTo links, the number will not be displayed at the top of the Full Text since the BHL content may only be a fraction of the whole document.

You can go to specific BHL referenced documents of Acta Sanctorum by first selecting from the range of numbers displayed, and then clicking on the hyperlink to the BHL numbered document you wish to access. This will take you to the Full Text page displaying the document you have chosen.

Use the buttons on the Toolbar to navigate to a different area of Acta Sanctorum Database. The following buttons are available from the Toolbar on the BHL GoTo page: Search All, Search Indices, BHL GoTo, Table of Contents, Marked List, Search History, More Information, Help (contextual), Lexicon, and Back.

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