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You can access the Full Text page for a document in one of two ways:

The Full Text page contains the text of the works in Acta Sanctorum Database. Works are arranged by volume, as in the printed edition of the Acta Sanctorum. These are then divided into documents which in turn are broken down into subdivisions.

The header section is displayed in bold in a separate scrollable area at the top of the Full Text page, giving the title of the current item and the context of the item in the database. This is followed by the main body of the work. A number of standard display formats have been used.

A 'Hide marginal summaries' link and icon is displayed at the top of the main body of the Full Text. Clicking the link removes the marginal summaries from the document being displayed, and replaces the link with a 'Show marginal summaries' link. If you have hidden the marginal summaries on one page and move to another, the marginal summaries will once again be displayed on the next page. Hiding the marginal summaries also hides the reference notes.

In addition, the following elements may be accessed within the Full Text:

By means of various icons, Acta Sanctorum Database provides flexible and easy to use navigation of the Full Text.

Use the buttons on the Toolbar to navigate to a different area of Acta Sanctorum Database. The following buttons are available from the Toolbar on the Full Text page: Search All, Search Indices, BHL GoTo, Table of Contents, Marked List, Search History, More Information, Help (contextual), Lexicon, and Back.

Durable URL

Click Durable URL at the top of the page to obtain a Durable URL compliant link that will point to the full text page you are currently viewing. A pop-up box will appear with the Durable URL. Simply copy and paste the link into documents, email, or add it to your bookmarks