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The various levels of heading in the databases in Acta Sanctorum are represented in the Table of Contents by branches, which can be expanded or collapsed. Navigation within the Table of Contents is by means of the icons expand icon and collapse icon which indicate whether you can expand or collapse a branch to change the level of detail displayed.

  • To expand a branch of the Table of Contents and view the next level of heading, click the icon next to the branch. For example, clicking expand icon next to a volume title will expand the branch and display the groups of documents within that volume; clicking expand iconnext to one of these groups will expand the branch further to display individual documents or subdivisions.
  • When you expand a level of the hierarchy, the expand icon will be replaced with a collapse icon. To collapse an expanded branch and return to the higher level of information, click collapse icon. All branches below that level will be collapsed.

If, having executed a search, you access the Table of Contents using the Context icon in the Toolbar, then branches of the Table of Contents will be marked where relevant with the number of hits (i.e. the number of times the current (or last) search term or expression occurs in the text) covered by that branch. Each time the Table of Contents is expanded, the number of hits listed next to each branch will be recalculated to display the number of hits covered by each level as it is opened.