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Navigating the Table of Contents

There are two ways to access the Table of Contents page. You can:

Table of Contents click the Table of Contents icon from the Toolbar. This will take you to the top-level Table of Contents page, which lists all the available volumes of the Acta Sanctorum.
Context click the Context icon from the Toolbar of the Full Text page. This will take you directly to the Table of Contents page, expanded to the level of that Full Text entry.

The Table of Contents page allows you to browse through the contents of all the works contained in Acta Sanctorum and look at their structure. For example, you may wish to browse the contents of a particular volume, or look at the original context of the text you are currently viewing.

The various levels of heading are represented in the Table of Contents by branches which can be expanded or collapsed. Navigation within the Table of Contents is by means of the icons expand iconand collapse icon which indicate whether you can expand or collapse a branch to change the level of detail displayed.

Each of the branches in the Table of Contents is hyperlinked to the Full Text of the corresponding item. The title of each item is followed by the download size in bytes of the corresponding Full Text page. The larger the download size of an item, the longer the Full Text page will take to download.

The order of the Table of Contents is the same as the Full Text; works are arranged by volume as per the printed edition of the Acta Sanctorum. Each volume is then divided into documents which in turn are broken down further into subdivisions.

Use the buttons on the Toolbar to navigate to a different area of Acta Sanctorum Database. The following buttons are available from the Toolbar on the Table of Contents page: Search All, Search Indices, BHL GoTo, More Information, Help Contents, Back, New Search and Contextual Help.

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