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Accessibility in Acta Sanctorum

A number of accessibility features have been implemented in Acta Sanctorum to make tbe site more accessible to people with visual, motor or cognitive disabilities. The site complies with Priority 1 standards of the WAI's Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Some features also contribute towards compliance with Priority 2 and 3 guidelines.

Note: if you are using Jaws or another screen reader says 'page has no links', try hitting Ctrl-N or maximising the browser window.

A number of accessibility features may not be visible in your browser, but can improve accessibility for people using assistive technologies:

Keyboard Access

The following access keys have been assigned to links to the main areas of the site, making it possible to navigate around the site without using a mouse:

0=Accessibility Statement
1=Home Page
3=Search All
4=Search Indices
6=BHL GoTo
C=Table of Contents
l=More Information
U=Search History
Y=Marked List
S=Skip navigation

To use the access keys:

  1. Hold down the Alt key and press the assigned access key.
  2. Press Enter.
    The page you have chosen should now open.

Note: access keys are supported in Internet Explorer 4.x upwards and Netscape 6.0 upwards.

Note: Mac users should hold down the Ctrl key and press the assigned access key.

Navigation aids
  • A "Skip over navigation" link, although invisible in visual browsers, enables users of assistive technologies to go straight to the main content of a page.
  • Alternative text descriptions have been provided for all images. Users with mouses can hover the pointer over an image to read the text description.
  • Text on all pages is resizable to allow visually-impaired users to increase the size of the font displayed. Users of Netscape or Macs may also need to increase their text size.
  • Form labels make using forms easier, for all types of users.